Testing, Testing….


STAAR testing is beginning this week at many AISD schools.  The dates range between now and the first week of April, but many schools are doing testing this week or the week after Spring Break.
All the more reason to give your kids plenty of outside/play time and promote physical exercise and activity as much as possible, since kids may be extra weary of sitting at desks and being stationary.  They’ll thank you for it (and you’ll have less behavior challenges)!
Here are a few places to get new ideas for physical games.  Get those kids moving! 🙂

Anti-Defamation League Resources

Thanks again to the Austin ADL for coming out on Friday to lead us in their A World of Difference training.  As an additional support, they’ve shared the following online resources with us:

Books that Matter: The Best Kid Lit on Bias, Diversity and Social Justice


Current Events Classroom lessons are timely and assist in teaching about news topics






Animating Autism

This touching video shows how creative project-based learning is making a real impact on students with autism!



We couldn’t agree more!  That’s why we have a creative arts program for young adults on the autism spectrum.  Here’s an animation project these artists made last summer:

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