World Origami Days from October 24 – November 11

From Oct. 24 to Nov. 11, it is World Origami Days.  If you’d like to do any origami projects with students, be sure to check out this website which has templates like sailboats and birds:

We also have a number of books on origami and Dover sample origami templates in our library!  Check them out!

Thanks to Tina for sharing.



Spooky stories for kids!

Spooky stories for kids!

As Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos approach, it might be fun to explore a few scary/spooky stories and poems with students as a prompt for creating their own.  We especially like “Wait till Martin Comes” because of the suspense and silly ending.  Even if students don’t celebrate these holidays, it may be a useful jumping off point for studying what creates suspense in creative writing…


Thanks to Sophi for sharing.

Awesome Agenda Boards!

Awesome Agenda Boards!

We encourage you to make awesome agenda boards, like this one from Taylor! Yours might feature some of the following ideas:

1. Class schedule/agenda of activities
2. Themes or hooks for class
3. Social contract/behavior expectations
4. Behavior monitoring system
5. Visual planning system/goals
6. 4C Visuals
7. Class mascot or team symbols