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The Manager in My Home & the Five Words that Changed Everything


Credit: Rachel Stafford

Brushing hair


Link Spotlight: Mind Shift

Link Spotlight: Mind Shift

Interested in the future of education and learning?  MindShift is a blog with a lot of interesting articles on what’s new.


Description: “Launched in 2010 by KQED and NPR, MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions, covering cultural and technology trends, innovations in education, groundbreaking research, education policy, and more. The editor is Tina Barseghian. Get in touch by sending an email to MindShift [at] KQED [dot] org.”



Looking for some new inspiration in boosting your creativity? Your students’ creativity?  Maybe just love talking about the creative process or investigating what goes on?  Check out the Creativity at Work blog by creativity guru Linda Naiman:


There are also a lot of resources on creative habits, techniques, and tools!