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Teen App to end Cyberbullying!




10 Things I Want To Tell My Kids Before They’re Too Cool To Listen


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A Really Awesome Guy Got Tired of Being Bullied by Trolls


Shane Koyczan was bullied as a child. He took the pain that haunted him for all these years and put it into an amazing video.


Kids who are bullying victims are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts and more than two and a half times as likely to attempt suicide as kids who aren’t. Suicide is the third-biggest killer of young people in the United States. Girls are at higher risk.

If you’d like to see more of Shane’s work, you can Like him on Facebook. You canbuy the graphic novel and the album here. To learn more about how to stop bullying, check out StopBullying.gov.


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How an 11-year old changed McDonald’s!

How an 11-year old changed McDonald’s!

Antonia Aryes-Brown was just 11 when encountering gender discrimination at the McDonald’s drive-through.  Learn what this inspiring courageous ally and confident leader did next!


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What does Math have to do with being a Courageous Ally?

What does Math have to do with being a Courageous Ally?

In this inspiring article, Glennon Doyle Melton describes what she learned about her son’s math teacher and the secret math that was going on ever since Columbine…


Here are some great ideas about how you can be a pro-active courageous ally in your classroom and encourage the kind of connection that builds community and attachment, not violence and detachment.