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Spooky stories for kids!

Spooky stories for kids!

As Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos approach, it might be fun to explore a few scary/spooky stories and poems with students as a prompt for creating their own.  We especially like “Wait till Martin Comes” because of the suspense and silly ending.  Even if students don’t celebrate these holidays, it may be a useful jumping off point for studying what creates suspense in creative writing…


Thanks to Sophi for sharing.

Blogging with Students

Want to try blogging with your students?  Here are some great tips and links for getting started blogging with kids from the blog, Blogging Through the Fourth Dimensionhttp://www.pernilleripp.com/p/student-blogging-resources.html  Thanks to Cassie for sharing!

Student Blogging Resources

I love that I get asked a lot about student blogging because it is something I am passionate about.  I often find myself sharing various posts, letters, and lessons that I have created, which means I have to find them first.  So to make my life easier, and perhaps even yours, here are my best resources on the why, the how, and the do on student blogging.