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Link Spotlight: Creative Resistance

Link Spotlight: Creative Resistance

Check out this website for great ideas and inspiration from around the world on activist art and creativity in service of progress and social justice!  Browse by cause or by artistic medium, with works in music, visual art, animation, puppetry, poetry, performance art, and more!



“Launched in February, 2014, Creative Resistance was started with the goal of promoting and supporting activist art. Creative Resistance is a place for artists to share their work and for everyone to be inspired.

Our home page is a Pinterest-style poster board providing a daily stream of activist art. You’ll see pictures of puppets, protest signs and other visual art, along with embedded videos of music and performance art. Our art groups page lists activist art groups around North America to help you connect and participate locally.

We also have a news blog where we report on current happenings within the activist art world. Our site is constantly expanding. If you have other ideas or you would like to get involved, please contact us.

And don’t forget to submit your own art as we are constantly adding new content. Come back often to see the latest posts, and to share, pin and tweet them. By doing so you are supporting the individual artists as well as the movement for social and political change!

Creative Resistance is a project of PopularResistance.org.”

As Lindsay Palmer said, this website is “as though made just for us!” Thanks for sharing, Lindsay!

Spooky stories for kids!

Spooky stories for kids!

As Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos approach, it might be fun to explore a few scary/spooky stories and poems with students as a prompt for creating their own.  We especially like “Wait till Martin Comes” because of the suspense and silly ending.  Even if students don’t celebrate these holidays, it may be a useful jumping off point for studying what creates suspense in creative writing…


Thanks to Sophi for sharing.