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Link Spotlight: Internet Arcade and Internet Archive

“The Internet Archive, a wonderfully obsessive nonprofit located in San Francisco, is best known for its massive collection of educational and ephemeral films. But it has another, more sinister agenda: It’s not only out to destroy the burgeoning arcade-bar industry, but also what little social life you may have left.


It’s doing this by launching the Internet Arcade, a collection of 900 arcade games from the ‘70s to the ‘90s playable right in your Internet browser. The collection includes classics like Galaga, Street Fighter II, and your various Pac-Man spinoffs as well as more obscure games, and while there are some gameplay issues that still need to be worked out, seriously it’s 900 arcade games for free. ”


From Onion A.V. Club




Looking for some new inspiration in boosting your creativity? Your students’ creativity?  Maybe just love talking about the creative process or investigating what goes on?  Check out the Creativity at Work blog by creativity guru Linda Naiman:


There are also a lot of resources on creative habits, techniques, and tools!


Link Spotlight: The Ultimate Critical Thinker/Courageous Ally Resource Link?

Well we’re very excited and grateful to Natalie Goodnow for sharing this amazing website, which is overflowing with resources about social justice, diversity, and the history of hegemony.  It’s called the ZINN EDUCATION PROJECT, and you can search by time period, theme, or even by resource type!  Check it out:


or on facebook (lots of different and great material)