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Social Justice in the Suburbs

Social Justice in the Suburbs


Here is a really interesting article studying a group of affluent teens in a social justice class – this publication was done through Boston University.

 Approaches like overwhelming students with knowledge (even when we think, they have to know all the facts), or heightening their fear of an injustice can backfire.
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Looking for more games that can be played on the playground or in your classroom?  Check out Playworks for a pretty exhaustive, searchable guide to games and resources on the study of play and facilitating games.


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After School Programs’ effect on drop-out rates


After School Programs effect on drop-out rates

As policy-makers and educators confront the significant challenge of graduation and dropout rates, it is a small comfort to know that the work we do in after school (along with our many partners) has a significant influence on these numbers.  Check out the brief article here from Afterschool Alliance:


For a more detailed analysis of the importance of after school on retention and graduation rates, check out this companion article:


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