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What does it mean to be a “good” parent or teacher?

Check out this awesome blog which follows the insights and experiences of a relationship-based approach to parenting/teaching:






Wallace Foundation Report

Based in New York City, The Wallace Foundation is a national philanthropy that seeks to improve education and enrichment for disadvantaged children. The foundation has an unusual approach: funding projects to test innovative ideas for solving important social problems, conducting research to find out what works and what doesn’t and to fill key knowledge gaps – and then communicating the results to help others.

This year, some Creative Action staff had the opportunity to attend the National Guild for Community Arts Education Conference in Chicago and returned with some very compelling research by the Wallace Foundation on what makes for successful and effective after-school programs.  Read the full report at this link:


You can also learn more about the Wallace Foundation and their research at this link:



Thanks to Patrick for sharing!

Food for Thought: 10 Things Not to Say to Kids

Food for Thought: 10 Things Not to Say to Kids

Are there better and more efficient ways of setting boundaries for kids and communicating expectations and praise? Check out some of these recommendations: