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Trauma Training for Educators

Here’s an informative video training and facilitator discussion guide from Communities in Schools, Central Texas, on trauma-informed education:




Resources on Homeless, Foster, and Traumatized Youth


Resources on Homeless, Foster, and Traumatized Youth

Encountering homeless or foster care students is an unfortunate reality in our society.  A significant number of these students may have experienced traumas as a result of losing their homes, families, and/or experiencing domestic violence or abuse.  While serving most of these students’ needs is beyond the purview of our organization, we can strive to be more aware of these situations and support these students within our classes and programs.  The Texas Homeless Education Office provides a great variety of resources to help in this regard, including posters/brochures, links, factsheets and toolkits on some of the following useful topics:

1.  Awareness

2.  Identification of Homeless Students and School Enrollment

3.  Homeless Education: An Introduction to the Issues

4.  Domestic Violence, Homelessness, and Children’s Education

5.  Addressing the Effects of Trauma on Children and Families in Homeless Situations: The Importance of Decision-Making

6.  Tips for Helping Students Recovering from Traumatic Events

7.  Helping Traumatized Children Learn

8.  The Impact of the Mortgage Crisis on Children and Their Education

9.  Educating Homeless Children and Youth: The Guide to Their Rights 

10.  Checklist for Identifying Students Experiencing Homelessness

11.  National Recommended Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Homeless Youth

12.  ACLU Talking Points: The School-To-Prison Pipeline