Link Spotlight: Internet Arcade and Internet Archive

“The Internet Archive, a wonderfully obsessive nonprofit located in San Francisco, is best known for its massive collection of educational and ephemeral films. But it has another, more sinister agenda: It’s not only out to destroy the burgeoning arcade-bar industry, but also what little social life you may have left.

It’s doing this by launching the Internet Arcade, a collection of 900 arcade games from the ‘70s to the ‘90s playable right in your Internet browser. The collection includes classics like Galaga, Street Fighter II, and your various Pac-Man spinoffs as well as more obscure games, and while there are some gameplay issues that still need to be worked out, seriously it’s 900 arcade games for free. ”

From Onion A.V. Club


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Link Spotlight: Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

There is an exciting new bilingual website about Latin American art and ideas:
This is a unique new resource about culture across the Americas. Every week there are new debates, essays, videos, dispatches, and first-time translated texts from an international network of contributors.
There’s also a series of videos called Open Storage/Antesala that take viewers inside the Colección.