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Cool Shadow Puppets!




Educators and Urban Youth Show How Afterschool Arts Programs Can Succeed


Credit:  The Wallace Foundation


The World Sends Us Garbage, We Send Back Music!

Need a little inspiration? Landfill Harmonic is a youth orchestra that plays instruments made from the trash that litters their own communities…

Thanks to Corinna for sharing this cool video.

Learn more about Landfill Harmonic here: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/04/landfill-harmonic-an-upcoming-documentary-about-the-recycled-orchestra-in-cateura-paraguay/


Get Ready for Earth Day with April’s Supply of the Month!

Get ready for Earth Day on April 22nd with these project ideas for growing plants in recycled containers, Earth Day activities, and more!  Any of these activities would be great, hands-on projects to introduce into your class if you are reading stories, writing plays, making puppets or doing other art activities that have to do with the environment and recycling.

April’s supply of the month is egg cartons, which make great planters! We have bean plant seeds for your students to plant as well.

A tip from my friend Frank: bean plants are great for kids to start with because they tend to be more successful and if planted next to other plants, they provide extra nitrogen for them.



Here’s an example of an egg carton seed starter from the blog Crafty Crafty:



Free Kids Crafts has step-by-step instructions for using egg cartons to plant seeds:



I love this example of a planter in an empty CD case from the Austin Creative Reuse Pinterest website. What a wonderful way to see how things grow!


Here is an example of a planter made from a 2-Liter soda bottle. This would be a really fun, crafty science project to introduce an environmental or recycling theme into your class!



If you don’t want to get messy planting seeds, here are a couple of other Earth Day related crafts inspired by egg cartons!



Earth Day Resources:

This coloring page comes from Austin Creative Reuse on Pinterest. Check it out for some great Earth Day project ideas and resources: http://pinterest.com/austinreuse/earth-day/


And while you’re on Pinterest, check out the Earth Day Kids Activities board where you can find beautiful examples of all kinds of crafts, story book suggestions (like The Lorax or The Great Kapok Tree), and more to inspire your students on Earth Day!



Pinterest also led me to discover this adorable “litterbug museum” craft using recycled materials:


DLTK’s Crafts for Kids site has all kinds of worksheets, coloring pages and other activities for Earth Day! This picture is from a coffee-filter globe activity where students color a coffee-filter to look like the earth, and then spray it with a little water to get this really neat watercolor effect:



Happy Spring!

Thanks to Corinna for sharing!